Cosimo I dei Medici’s Cooperation with the Jesuits in Creating a Christian Realm in His Expanding State

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Politics, Gender, and Belief. The Long-Term Impact of the Reformation: Essays in Memory of Robert M. Kingdon


This volume is a posthumous festschrift honoring the memory and research of the late Robert M. Kingdon. The ten contributions in this work are authored by several of his former students and fellow scholars. The contributions are divided into three main themes, all of which Kingdon explored in his own writings: Calvinism and its impact; church and state; and gender, family, and marriage. Topics cover a geographical range from Spain to Poland-Lithuania and Hungary, and address a variety of issues from debates between Catholics and Huguenots in the court of Henri IV to the legal status of nuns in the early German Reformation. Taken together, these essays offer a window into current North American research on the social history of early modern Europe and the Reformation, highlighting and putting into practice Bob Kingdon’s emphasis on high-quality primary source analysis and extensive archival research.