The following citations represent the full-text presentations by the department’s faculty during their employment with Georgia Southern. For the full list of a faculty member’s publications and presentations, visit his or her SelectedWorks site.

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Submissions from 2016


Continuing the Conversation: Drug Diversion in Healthcare Facilities and Defining the Role of Public Health, Katrina E. Hansen, Elizabeth R. Daly, Nicole Bryan, David W. Birnbaum, Rachel Stricof, Julie Reagan, Lynne Mercedes, Catherine Cairns, and Marion A. Kainer

Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing – Multidisciplinary Team Development and Operations, William A. Mase, Samuel Adeyeye, Olga Amarie, Claudia Cornejo Happel, Ellen Hamilton, Shamika D. Jones, Jessica Orvis, and Neri Romero

Covert Observation in Public Health, Katie M. Mercer

Innovative Teaching Technique, Julie Reagan


State Return-to-Learn Youth Sports Concussion Laws, Julie Reagan, Nicholas G. Murray, Kelly L. Sullivan, Allison Drew, Patrick Chang, and Brandon Wilcher

Healthcare Reform in the United States: The Affordable Care Act, James H. Stephens


Racial Disparities in Emergency General Surgery: Do Differences in Outcomes Persist Among Universally Insured Military Patients?, Cheryl Zogg, Wei Jiang, Muhammed Ali Chaudhary, John Scott, Adil A. Shah, Stuart R. Lipsitz, Joel S. Weissman, Zara Cooper, Ali Salim, Stephanie L. Nitzschke, Louis L. Nguyen, Lorens A. Helmchen, Linda Kimsey, Samuel Olaiya, Peter A. Learn, and Adil H. Haider

Submissions from 2015


Geographic Variation in Medicare and the Military Healthcare System, Taiwo Adesoya, Linda Kimsey, Stuart R. Lipsitz, Lorens A. Helmchen, Louis L. Nguyen, Samuel Olaiya, Philip Goodney, and Joel S. Weissman

Legal Powers Vested by State Legislatures to Local Boards of Health and Their Perception/Misperception, Ankit Bangar, Jeffery Jones, and Julie Reagan


Disease Investigation Specialist Workforce Development: A Systematic Review of the Literature, Shamika D. Jones, Stacy W. Smallwood, and William A. Mase


Geographic Variation within the Military Health System, Linda Kimsey, Samuel Olaiya, Andrew Hoburg, Chad Smith, Louis L. Nguyen, and Joel S. Weissman

JPHCOPH Faculty Assessment System: Reporting Student Learning Outcomes, Gerald R. Ledlow and James H. Stephens


Characteristics of Local Health Departments Associated with Their Implementation of Electronic Health Records and Other Informatics System, Jonathon P. Leider, Gulzar H. Shah, Brian C. Castrucci, Karmen Williams, Akrati Gupta, and James Sprague


Trends in Diffusion of Surgical Innovation and Outcomes: A Comparative Analysis of Radical Prostatectomy in Military and Civilian Institutions, Jeffrey Leow, Joel S. Weissman, Linda Kimsey, Andrew Hoburg, Lorens A. Helmchen, Wei Jiang, Stuart R. Lipsitz, Deborah Hess, Louis L. Nguyen, and Steven Chang

Exploratory Review of Terminated Veteran Affairs Health System and Medical Center Executives, Cristian Lieneck, Sandra Collins, and James H. Stephens


The Veterans Affairs Health System: Allegations, Investigations and Leadership Changes, Cristian Lieneck, Sandra Collins, and James H. Stephens


Factors Driving Local Health Department’s Collaboration with Other Organizations in the Provision of Personal Healthcare Services, Huabin Luo, Nancy L. Winterbauer, Ashley Tucker, and Gulzar H. Shah

Standardized Knowledge and Behavior of Food Protection Staff, William A. Mase and Kyle W. McKinley


Standardized Knowledge and Behavior of Food Protection Staff, William A. Mase and Kyle W. McKinley


Assessing Changes in Safety Net Providers Since the Passage of the Affordable Care Act, Arlesia Mathis, Julia Burke, and Gulzar H. Shah

Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health Distance Learning Quality Implementation Plan, Katie M. Mercer


Clostridium difficile: The State Regulatory Landscape, Julie Reagan


Levels and Predictors of LHDs' Engagement in Community Health Assessment, 2002-2013, Gulzar H. Shah, Kay Lovelace, and Daniel Linder

Healthcare Reform in the United States: The Affordable Care Act, James H. Stephens

Hospital Acquired Conditions: Tying Outcomes to Value Based Care, James H. Stephens


Use of Facebook by Local Health Departments: Activity and Focus Areas, Rakhi Trivedi and Gulzar H. Shah

Submissions from 2014


The Impact of State Mandated Healthcare-Associated Infection Reporting on Infection Prevention and Control Departments in Acute Care Hospitals: Results from a National Survey, Carolyn T. A. Herzig, Monika Pogorzelska-Maziarz, Julie Reagan, Elaine Larson, and Patricia W. Stone

Meeting the Challenge of Comprehensive and Accurate Validation of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs), Julie Reagan


LHDs' Implementation and Evaluation of Strategies to Target Psychological, Mental Health, and Other Behavioral Healthcare Needs of the Underserved Population, Gulzar H. Shah Dr.

Legislative Mandates for Central Line-Associated Blood Stream Infection Reporting and Process and Outcome Measures in Neonatal Intensive Care Units, Philip Zachariah, Julie Reagan, E. Yoko Furuya, J. Edwards, Andrew Dick, Hangsheng Liu, and Carolyn T. A. Herzig

Submissions from 2013


Using Expert Panels to Elicit Potential Indicators and Predictors of EBPH in Local Health Departments, Robert Aronson, Kay Lovelace, Mark Smith, and Gulzar H. Shah Dr.

The Resilient Local Health Department: Surviving the 2008 Economic Crisis, Paul C. Erwin, Gulzar H. Shah Dr., and Glen P. Mays

Clarifying and Expanding Concepts of Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing: Early Lessons Learned from Conducting QI with Georgia’s Health Districts, William C. Livingood, Nandi A. Marshall, Angela Peden, Ketty Gonzales, Gulzar H. Shah, Dayna S. Alexander, Alesha Wright, Russell B. Toal, Lynn S. Woodhouse, and DeAnna Keene


Predictors Of Evidence-Based Decision Making And Population Health Practice In LHDs, Kay Lovelace, Robert Aronson, Kelly Rulison, Gulzar H. Shah Dr., and Mark Smith

There is no “I” in TEAM: Players, Leaders, and Team Performance in Public Health Emergency Response, William Riley, Paige Anderson Bowen, Micky Scullard, Cheryl Petersen-Kroeber, and Gulzar H. Shah Dr.

Local Health Departments’ Plan to Seek Voluntary National Accreditation and Its Association with PHAB Accreditation Prerequisites, Gulzar H. Shah Dr., Kate Beatty, and Carolyn Leep

Community Health Assessment Activity by LHDs: The Influence of Local Health Agency and Community Characteristics, Gulzar H. Shah Dr., Barbara Laymon, Carolyn Leep, and Julia Elligers

Submissions from 2012

The Resilient Local Health Department: Attributes of Survival During the Economic Crisis, Paul C. Erwin and Gulzar H. Shah Dr.

Health Districts as Quality Improvement Collaboratives and Multi-Jurisdictional Entities, William C. Livingood, Nandi A. Marshall, Angela Peden, Ketty Gonzales, Gulzar H. Shah, Dayna S. Alexander, Kellie O. Penix, Russell B. Toal, and Lynn D. Woodhouse

Diffusion of Practice-based Research in Local Public Health: What Differentiates Adopters from Non-Adopters?, Gulzar H. Shah Dr., Kay Lovelace, and Reba Novich

Extent and Nature of Resource Sharing Among Local Health Departments, Joshua Vest and Gulzar H. Shah Dr.

Submissions from 2011

Local Public Health in Financial Crises: Common Decision Drivers for Changes in Services Due to Economic Downturn, Gulzar H. Shah Dr.

Are We Out of the Woods Yet? Impact of Economic Recession on Local Health Departments’ (LHDs) Budget, Workforce, and Program Cuts, Gulzar H. Shah Dr., Carolyn J. Leep, and Christine B. Bhutta


Local Health Departments’ Governance: A Visual Display Using LHD Shape Files, Gulzar H. Shah Dr., Carolyn J. Leep, and Reba Novich

Local Health Departments’ (LHDs) Meaningful Use Readiness, General Informatics Capacity, Needs, and Barriers, Gulzar H. Shah Dr. and Valerie Rogers

Healthcare Reform in the United States, James H. Stephens

Healthcare Reform in the United States, James H. Stephens

Submissions from 2010

The Impact of Economic Downturn on Local Public Health: Qualitative Data Analysis of Decision Drivers, Gulzar H. Shah Dr., Carolyn J. Leep, and Rachel Willard

Local Health Department Funding Cuts and Impacts, Rachel Willard, Carolyn J. Leep, and Gulzar H. Shah Dr.

Submissions from 2009

Evaluation of Drive Alive: A Program to Increase Seat Belt Use Among High Risk Teens in Rural Georgia, Katie M. Burkett and James H. Stephens

Factors Associated with Recent Budget Reductions for Local Public Health Agencies, Gulzar H. Shah Dr., Carolyn J. Leep, and Barbara Laymon

CEO Succession Planning in U.S. Hospitals, James H. Stephens

Chief Executive Officer Succession Planning in United States Hospital, James H. Stephens and Gerald R. Ledlow

Developing a New Master of Healthcare Administration Program, James H. Stephens, Gerald R. Ledlow, and Renee B. Hotchkiss

Submissions from 2008

Fostering Collaboration: An Internal Communications Survey in a Regional Community Hospital, M. Walker, K. Chester, H. Hulsey, J. Atkins, and James H. Stephens