Sleep Trends and College Students: Does it Connect to Obesity?

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College Student Journal


The objective of this study was to investigate and compare local to national averages in college-aged students' sleep disturbances, as well as further investigate key demographics (obesity classification, gender, race, year in college) among sleep issues. Methods: This study investigated 636 undergraduate students (333 males, 303 Females, Mage = 20.12, range = 18-26 years old). These participants were recruited from 28 of the 146 physical activity courses at a Southeastern university. Researchers developed a short survey with sleep questions from the ACHA-NCHA, demographic questions, as well as anthropometric data (height, weight, waist circumference and bioelectrical impedance). A pilot study was administered first to ensure validity of the modified survey. Results: Looking at the national averages and local averages, there were several categories that yielded large differences between groups. Additionally, ANOVA's revealed there were significant differences between BMT in males (M=26.97, SD=5.53) and females (M=24.9, SD)=5.97) with F(1,633)=19.53, p < .001, as well as waist circumference F(1, 633)=76.73, p

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