Betty Foy Sanders


Betty Foy Sanders


Term of Award

Summer 1996

Degree Name

Doctor of Fine Arts


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Institution Issuing the Honorary Degree

Georgia Southern University

Brief Biography of Degree Recipient

Betty Foy Sanders (1927-2022) was born in Statesboro, Georgia. She established the Betty Foy Sanders Georgia Artists Collection which is on permanent display at the Center for Art & Theatre on Georgia Southern’s Statesboro Campus. She is a an avid artist with a life-long love of learning. The Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art on the Statesboro campus of Georgia Southern University is named in her honor.

Born in 1927 in the farming community of Adabelle, Georgia with a population of less than 100, she went on to served as the First Lady of Georgia from 1963 to 1967.

Betty Foy Sanders received an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree on August 11, 1996.

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Georgia Southern University, Honorary degree, Doctor of Fine Arts


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Betty Foy Sanders