Allen E. Paulson


Allen E. Paulson


Term of Award

Spring 1997

Degree Name

Doctor of Science


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Institution Issuing the Honorary Degree

Georgia Southern University

Brief Biography of Degree Recipient

Allen E. Paulson (1922-2000) was a supporter of Georgia Southern University. The Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering and Computing and Allen E. Paulson Stadium are named in his honor. His company, Gulfstream, created the "Gulfstream Scholarships."

The Iowa native, on is own since age 13, joined the US Army during World War II and studied engineering at the University of West Virginia. After the War, he worked for TWA as a flight engineer and earned his pilot's license. Paulson went on to be very successful dealing in second-hand planes and later founded Gulfstream Aerospace.

Allen E. Paulson received the honorary Doctor of Science degree on June 14, 1997.


Georgia Southern University, Honorary degree, Doctor of Science

Allen E. Paulson