Teachers, school counselors, and educational leaders should learn, or become familiar with, APA style because of their important role as consumers and authors of research. By consuming and sharing the results of research in a standardized format, educators are able to efficiently share best practices to a broad audience which in turn helps other educators meta-analyze results and use those findings to coordinate their efforts in improving student learning. The sixth edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (2010) provides the means by which students and educators can communicate. This manual contains considerable information for the student or educator to process. Thus, this manuscript was created as a tool to support those who are learning the style by providing additional examples and also by providing access to a downloadable checklist to assist in meeting APA style requirements. This manuscript represents a supplement to the style manual that will help the reader further consider paper organization, ethical considerations, construction of tables and figures, typing instructions, citing within text, and referencing resources.

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