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Fall 2007

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Georgia Southern University, Marketing and Communications

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Georgia Southern University, Communications and Marketing, School enrollment, Patricia Humphrey, Jeffrey Orvis, Sophie George, Michael E. Nielsen, Xiao-Jun Wang, Bruce A. Schulte, Michael Braz, Michelle Cawthorn, Stephanie Kenney, Dianne Bath, Parents, Timothy P.Mack, Sarah Higdon, Gary Dartt, Web-based instruction., Laura D. Frost, Katrina Corley, Elephants., Nicole Harper, Paul Beardslee, Ivey Beardslee, Joseph Eugene Weatherford, Peggy Marsh Weatherford, Basketball, Tracy Ham, Sports medicine, China., Sweden., Vietnam., Oman., El Salvador, Gaoquing, Huang Li, Liujing Yi, Xi Yang, Xiao Ji, Holmqvist Tan, Christian Bentley, James Ramchandani, Lalit Schmid, Bill McLeod, Misti, Italy., Costa Rica., Greenway, Kari Sparrow, Jessica, India, Marching bands, Homecoming., Mosley Ulysee Jr., Joiner, Rusty, Acting., Zablah, Fernando Haywood, Robert S. Hornsby, Terry Fox, Chris Clark


Higher Education


Excerpt:"Much has been written in recent months about the importance of international trade, globalization and the role that our country is playing in the world economy. What is Georgia Southern University doing to prepare tomorrow’s leaders? In this issue, you will see that this once small regional institution, now boasts nearly 17,000 students and is focusing its efforts on providing students with access to a wide variety of global experiences – on campus and off campus."


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