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Fall 2010

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Georgia Southern University, Marketing and Communications

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Georgia Southern University, Communications and Marketing, Archaeology, Camp Lawton, Alumnus Lee Berger, Early human ancestors, fossils, Free local healthcare clinic, Hendricks Hall, Jiann- Ping Hsu College of Public Health, Eagle Athletics, 1906 Gala, Thomas Koballa, College of Education, Alton Standifer, SGA president, Dan Good, Geographer, William Irby, Biology, Ellen Murkison, First Year Experience program academic advisement coordinator, Outstanding advising award, Ph.D. in Logistics/ Supply Chain Management, Bruce Little, Art, Ruffin Cup, Nursing, U.S. army, Online Master of Science in Computer Science, Kendra Mosley, National Security Education Program David L. Boren Scholarship, Moscow, Russia, Office of Public Safety, National Law Enforcement Challenge, Fayth Parks, Gullah, Geechee, African-American oral history, Asthma intervention, Concussion education, Jacqueline Eastman, Marketing, Shopper's world, Willie Burden, Sport Management, Football, Charlton Young, Rusty Cram, Basketball, E.G. Meybohm, Nick Zieziula, Tennis, Softball, Golf, Julius Jenkins, Ken and Rachel Dyar, Laura Dyar Scholarship, Jenny Lynn Martin and Mark Anderson, Scholarship, Amy Semratedu, Semratedu Undergraduate Fund, Pam Williams, Jeff Johnson, Siemens National AP Teacher of the Year, Sgt. Todd Tinker, Information Technology Services specialist, Laney Claxton, Savannah Eagle Club, Ryan Evans, Flight plan, Savannah’s Hodge Elementary School, Alucia Walton, Boys' choir, Campus changes


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