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Fall 2008

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Georgia Southern University, Marketing and Communications

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Georgia Southern University, Communications and Marketing, Increased enrollment at Georgia Southern University, Increased student retention at Georgia Southern University, Increased average SAT scores at Georgia Southern University, Georgia Southern University's Bishop family welcome and alumni center, Project lead the way summer training institute, College of science and technology, Thomas Kollars, Biodefense and infectious disease laboratory at Georgia Southern University, Jiann-Ping Hsu college of public health, Bioterrorism threat maps, Darin Van Tassell, Richard Mercier, Georgia Southern wind ensemble, Georgia Southern concert band, Robert W. Dunham, Georgia Southern's opera program, Arrika Gregory, Kelly Berry, Jim Harbour, American College theatre festival, Southern Pride marching band, Matthew Fallin, Gary Dartt, Georgia Southern symphony, Cheung Chau, Adam Con, Southern chorale, University singers, Georgia Southern women's choir, Georgia Southern jazz ensemble, William A. Schmid, Cecil Christopher, United States Air Force's electronic warfare life cycle management group, Magellan string quartet, Kimberly Stewart, Brian Redmond, Galal Dimetry, Chester W. Williams, Frank E. Inman, Desmal Purcell, 2008 Summer Olympic games in Beijing, China, Required freshman residency at Georgia Southern University, Bruce F. Grube, Health of Georgia's Altamaha River basin, StillmoreRoots group, Dallas D. Rhodes, Daniel F. Gleason, Risa A. Cohen, Scott Harrison, Ronald J. Core, Chatham County safety net planning council, Health information exchange, Renee Hotchkiss, Jeffrey Matthew Palis, Student fulbright grant, Mondi Mason, Wilburn Wright Woodcock scholarship, Wilburn Wright Woodcock, Bonnie Page Woodcock, Bonnie Page Woodcock scholarship, Bonnie Grist, Fred Grist, Day for Southern, Jack Orman, Georgia Southern Foundation's 1906 society, Krzysztof Janiszewski, Georgia Southern's botanical garden heritage pavilion, Georgia Southern Eagles basketball, Elise Whitney, Carolyn Whitney, Georgia Southern Lady Eagles basketball, Willie Powers, Tiffany Brown, Southern boosters, Eagle merchant advantage program, Veracity payment iolutions inc, Greg Dowling, John Mulherin, Georgia Southern Eagles baseball, Wrigley Field, Class A Kane County, Illinois Cougars, Georgia Southern University arts, Betty Foy Sanders department of art, Visual arts building, Center for art & theatre, Christina Lemon, Georgia Southern University black box theatre, Marc Moulton, Patricia Carter, Smith Callaway Banks southern folk art collection and research center, Betty Foy Sanders, "Ascend", Jane Pleak, Wood kiln, Club mud, Design center at Georgia Southern University, Leigh Thomson, Rosalind Ragans, ArtTalk, Design group, Marvin Pittman laboratory school, Bruce E. Little, 2003 Georgia art educator of the year, Julie McGuire, Art history, ArtsFest, Sanders society for the visual arts, Betty Foy Sanders Georgia artists collection, Foy building, Carol A. Carter auditorium, David W. Seaman


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