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  • College to Entertain with Banquet
  • News Picked Up About the Campus
  • Penny Carnival at Gymnasium Saturday
  • Entire School to be Invited
  • Musical Review Special Feature
  • P.-T.A. Institute to Meet Here
  • Hawks Entertain With Weiner Supper Friday
  • Miss Riley Lectures In College Auditorium
  • Are We Afraid?
  • Racial Evolution
  • The Library and Your Success as a Teacher
  • Poets' Corner
  • Campus Activities Almost Complete
  • A Chapel Talk
  • The Snooper
  • My Visit

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Georgia Southern University


South Georgia Teachers College, Georgia Southern University, The George-Anne, Newspaper, Student Media, University System of Georgia, Weltner, Henrietta Doster, Vesper Program, Penny Carnival, National Parent-Teacher Institute, Georgia Congress of Parents and Teachers, Vesper program, Musical program, J. C. Dixon, Waters Avenue School of Savannah, Greyhounds, Georgia Education Association, Shufflers, Violin Concert


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