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  • GTC Homecoming Plans Set
  • Teaching is Chosen Job
  • Dean's List Includes 93 Fall Students
  • Slight Increase In Enrollment Winter Quarter
  • Winter Play Arena Style
  • Library Repairs Halt Operation
  • Pennington In Science Confab
  • Science Fair Will Be Held On GTC Campus
  • School Art Is Displayed
  • Definition and History Of Pittman High School
  • Road Widening Plan is Expansion Beginning
  • Music Festival Scheduled For College Campus
  • Road Widening Plan is Expansion Beginning
  • Definition and History Of Pittman High SchooI
  • Inquiring Reporter
  • HYDE and SEEK
  • Tourney Highlights
  • Basketball Record Normal On Campus
  • Some Fax About 1956 Opponents Facing 'Profs'
  • IM Volleyball Tournament To Be for Girls
  • GTC Freshmen Meet GMC Five At Milledgeville

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Georgia Southern University, The George-Anne, Georgia Southern College, Donald McDougald, Tully Pennington, Basketball, Old Saint Nick, Christian Workers School


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