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  • Students Participate In Moratorium
  • Local Students Participate In National Moratorium
  • Parliamentarian Is On Campus
  • 'The Lettermen' to Perform Fall Concert
  • Art show to be Presented in Foy
  • Puppetry Guild Begins Activities October 22
  • New Student ID System Eliminates Old Problems
  • DATELINE Southern...
  • Australian Student- Finds U. S. "Pretty All Right"
  • No 'Hollow Men'.....
  • Inquiring Reporter
  • On The Virtures Of Open-Mindedness
  • Rosenwald Library Adds New Information Service
  • New Biology Building's Completion Marks 1st Phase of Science Center
  • Depth of Experience, Talent Among Eagles
  • For What It's Worth
  • Intrasquad Race Sorts Out Harriers
  • GSC Hundred Mile Club Jogs Into Its First Year

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Georgia Southern University, Student Media


Georgia Southern University, The George-Anne, Georgia Southern College, Patrick Jenkin, Moratorium Day, Vietnam War, NAFTA, The Lettermen, Puppetry Guild, Jazz Band, Graeme Haley, Gloria Mooney, Georgia Library Information Service (GLIN), William Bolen, Donald J. Drapalik, Craig Kellogg, Biology Building, Phi Beta Lambda, Zeta Tau Alpha, Jeannie Metevier, Hundred Mile Club


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