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  • Joyner Announces Changes In Registration Procedures
  • Air Force Trio Postponed; Will Come Tuesday
  • Like to Write? Try New Course
  • G-A Changes Presses; Will Have Better Pictures, Different Smell
  • 175 To Attend SC Conference
  • Summer Grads Hit Record 263
  • Campus To Receive Facelifting; New Road and Sidewalks Planned
  • Regents Approve Faculty Members
  • Seeking 2nd Win, Arnall Asks Aid of Georgia Youth
  • Last 'George-Anne' Is Finished; Vol. 45 - No. 1 to Have New Look
  • Garfunkel
  • Letters to the Editor
  • 180 Participate In Youth Workshop
  • Swingers Take Seventh Victory, Intramural Cage Championship
  • Tennis Finished, Winners Listed
  • Busload of Students, Townspeople Attend Sylvania Arnall Barbecue
  • Becky Joyner, Edna Hall Slated To Present Senior Piano Recitals
  • Broucek to Head Piano Workshop

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Georgia Southern University, Student Media


Georgia Southern University, Georgia Southern College, The George-Anne, Student Media, Lloyd Joyner, Air Force University Presentations Team, Dick Merrill, Board of Regents, Ellis Arnall, Aerospace Education Institute, Youth Workshop, Swingers, Becky Joyner, Edna Hall, Connie Yarbrough


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