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  • 'West Side Story' Set To Begin In McCroan Auditorium Thursday
  • Arts Division To Sponsor Ga. Aerospace Institute
  • Eagle Eye Staff Is Announced
  • Olliff Hall Ready For Next Spring
  • McCormack Selected As Bulloch County Area STAR Student
  • True Liberty, True Peace Must Be from Individuals
  • Pupils, Teacher To Attend Meet
  • Pafford Attends Lab Conference
  • Piano Team of Whittemore, Lowe To Perform at GSC March 23
  • Study Program Initiated at Ga.
  • 4 GSC Students To Present Play
  • Wesley To Hold Discussion Series
  • DPA To Award Academic Trophy To Service Frats
  • Southern To Go PBX in Summer
  • Private Firms Give Big Boost
  • Dissenters Shout 'Communist!' .. New Ideas Must Be Considered
  • Home Economics Majors Use Time, Energy, Money
  • Paul Rather's Broad Pat Goes To Houston, But He Keeps Weeds
  • Inquiring Reporter
  • Garfunkel
  • Will Southern Participate In District 25 Tournament?
  • Physical Fitness Day To Be Held Here for High Schools of State
  • Eagle Gymnasts To Meet Auburn Tigers Saturday
  • Southern Gymnastics Team Whips University of Georgia
  • Ga. Junior College Tournament Competition To Begin Thursday
  • Cagers Fall to C-N Eagles, Coast Past Stetson 87-66
  • Knight Hall Downs Delta Sig for I-M Championship
  • Freshmen Cagers Win Over Citadel
  • Radio Interview Features Security Director Howell

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