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  • New teacher graduate study program up for approval
  • CSC Library begins collection of famous prints
  • Masquers one-act plays begin Aug. 4
  • Armstrong College President Summer graduation speaker
  • CPA review will be taught here
  • CLEC Committee selects programs
  • Assistantships awarded for '65
  • Overstreet will present an evening of readings backstage on Monday
  • Political scientist will deliver lecture series on "Today's Isms"
  • Former Southern president dies; served two colleges
  • I-75 pageant open to students
  • Science institute closes at GSC
  • Staff members take up duties
  • Job Corps will offer challenge
  • Nation's college teacher preparation needs boost
  • Faculty additions announced for '65

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Georgia Southern University, Student Media


Georgia Southern University, Georgia Southern College, Student Media, The George-Anne, Paul Carroll, Janie Dotson, Bill Gibson, Marie All, Masquers, Hassie McElveen, Henry L. Ashmore, John Beegle, Campus Life Enrichment Committee (CLEC), Robert Overstreet, William B. Eberstein, Melvin W. Ecke, Guy H. Wells, National Science Foundation, Frank R. Barnett, American Bar Association


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