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  • Aerospace Institute opens here Monday
  • Air Force team seeking officers
  • Air University team slated for Aerospace program here
  • Dr. Lane is visiting professor in home ec. at Winthrop College
  • Aircraft official to speak here in Aerospace program
  • Epsilon Chi first in efficiency
  • Chairman of English division attending 18th Linguistic meet
  • Student interest more serious
  • Dr. Broucek will lead workshop
  • Overseas language programs revealed
  • Chickens Taking More Aspirins
  • Trainer's Clinic in progress here
  • Teachers will be taught by Aerospace team

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Georgia Southern University, Student Media


Georgia Southern University, Georgia Southern College, Student Media, The George-Anne, Aerospace Education Month, Aerospace Institute, Air Force, Betty Lane, Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base, Frank G. Mitchell, Cessna Aircraft Company, Epsilon Chi, Delta Sigma Pi, Fielding Russell, Jack Broucek, Dick Stebbins, Air Rescue Service (MATS)


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