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  • Seats In Hanner Will Be Reserved At H'Coming Game
  • Application Date Set For Student Teaching Posts
  • Political Scientist Opening '65 Lecture Series Today
  • Homecoming Parade Dignitaries Selected For Judgeships, Posts
  • 'Rufus Thomas' Will Not Appear For Big Dance
  • Official College H'Coming Activity Schedules Released
  • Cast Is Selected For Masquers' Production—Libation Bearers'
  • Old School Letter Taboo Still Around
  • Inquiring Reporter
  • Tommy holton
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Here To Help The Students
  • Recital Scheduled On Tuesday Night
  • Tampa Bows To Southern, 94-78; Rose Hits For 26

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Georgia Southern University, Georgia Southern College, Student Media, Donald Hark, Jack Broucek, J. I. Clements, William G. Carleton, Homecoming Parade, Delta Sig College Directory, Masquers, S Club, Sonja Matthews, Pi Omega


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