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  • Southern Receives $11,215,000 In State Capital Improvement Budget
  • Despy Karlas Appearing Here Tonight In Concert
  • National Science Foundation Gives Institute Grants
  • Firms Bidding For Building Contracts
  • New Enrollment Figures Reach Record High For This Quarter
  • Four New Degree Programs Added
  • Take Care of Your Meal Ticket; 'It's As Valuable As Currency'
  • Carruth Building will host to Timeless' Art Model Display
  • Fire Damages Library Room
  • Homecoming Plans Include Displays, Parade, Dances
  • Former Peace Corps Volunteer Visiting On Tuesday, Wednesday
  • Application Date Set For Student Teaching Posts
  • Harris Authors Journal Article
  • Laundry Living - Feet In Her Sink
  • Dining Hall Ticket Is Student's Responsibility
  • Tommy Holton
  • Rules Revised on Course Regulation
  • American Christmas Lacks Sincerity of Christs' Birth
  • Colleges Must Build A Million Dormitory Rooms In 5 Years
  • Wake Forest Fraternity Men like Being Squares; like Clean Fun
  • Georgia Educators Favor Repeal Of Controversial 200-Day Position
  • New Sorority begins Plans, Work, Rush
  • Organization and Feature Page
  • 'Four Seasons' Postponed; Theta Pi's on Greek Debut
  • Inquiring Report
  • King's Korner
  • Georgia Southern Wallops Belmont Abbey, 92-56
  • Gymnasts Record Opening Victories
  • Used Textbooks Are Purchased By Bookstore At Standard Value
  • Circle K Will Sponsor A Concert In McCroan Next Thursday Night
  • Hitchcock Writes Article In Book
  • Library Leases Copying Machine
  • Student Teaching Posts Announced For Winter Term

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