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  • Teacher Education Program Awaiting Committee Reports
  • New Master Education Proposal Submitted To Board of Regents
  • Science Teachers Association Sponsors Annual Conference
  • Placement Helps Being Distributed
  • Campus News Briefs
  • Methodist Delegates Will Attend Weekend Mental Health Seminar
  • Rehearsals For 'The Visit' Now In Preparation
  • Student, Faculty Flu Shots Available At Health Cottage
  • GSC Represented By Golightly At Region Textiles Conference
  • 345 Graduated Last Year With Bo S. Ed. Degree
  • New Record Label Causes Much Excitement With Classic Lovers
  • Paintings Shown At Art Festival
  • Tommy Holton
  • Candidly Speaking
  • Solidification Of Christian Dogma Revealed In Books
  • Cry of Communism Shouted When Disagreement Evolves
  • Untouchable Goliath Covers Earth; Devours Human Life
  • Organization and Feature Page
  • Coed Folk Singer Performs From Vegas to GSC Campus
  • Inquiring Reporter
  • Times Changes Hair Styles, Beauty Methods
  • Athletes' Feats
  • Bowling League Led By Lackey
  • Freshman Team Shows Promise
  • Varsity Basketball Set For Inter-Squad Contest
  • Gymnastics Team Presents Annual Home Exhibition
  • First Aid Taught To Boy Scouts By GSC Students
  • Foreign Study in Denmark Inexpensive; Weil-Rounded
  • First British Faculty Member Served As India Magistrate

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Georgia Southern University, Student Media


Georgia Southern University, Georgia Southern College, Student Media, State Department of Education, Graduate Advisory Board, Georgia Science Teachers Association, 1965 College Placement Annual, J. Shields Kenan, Bryant Youman, Leo Sable, Masquers, Wesley Foundation, Education Division, Hoyt Canady, Rosenwald Library, Communism, Sara Boatright, Ten Pinners, Varsity Basketball, Boy Scouts, New Experimental College of Copenhagen, Stratford Gramar School, Air Force Officer Selection Team


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