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  • Twelve Candidates Vie for "Ugly Man" Honors on Saturday Night
  • On the Night After Rat Day Not a Creature Was Stirring...
  • Comedy Will Be Presented Soon By Masquers
  • College Chapter, Marvin Pittman Attend Meeting
  • Simple Matter of Physical Law Controls Curvature of Hula-Hoop
  • GTC's Gamma Theta Chapter Entertains Lambda President
  • GTC to Debate Nuclear Weapons At Mercer Soon
  • Rat Squeaks
  • Moore or Less
  • God's Message
  • Dean Irma Morgan Is Education Expert
  • Love Potions and Charms Endure Through the Ages
  • Hicks' Highlights
  • Scearce Believes that Profs. Will be Good
  • Snoring in Class Is McAllister's Dislike
  • Campus Capers

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Georgia Southern University, Student Media


Georgia Southern University, Students of Georgia Teachers College, Student Media, Masquers, Veterans Club, Marvin Pittman, Kiwanis, Sigma Alpha Iota, National Teacher Examinations, Sunday Atlanta Journal-Constitution, BSU, Dot Knight, Marvin Pittman School, Board of Education, Joe Carruth, Archaeological Society, F. Everett Williams


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