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  • Dr. Hames Talks To Science Club About the Heart
  • Park Says Quality Of Teachers Will Improve
  • Late Dr. Guardia Commemorated At Louisiana
  • "Dear Charles" To Be Presented By Masquers For This Quarter
  • Spring Styles Seen In Home Ec. Club Show
  • Anne Waters Given Award
  • United Church Women Sponsor World Prayer Day in Statesboro
  • Future Construction Welcome
  • Congratulations Profs
  • Girls Play Ball
  • Why Yanks Get Cold Shoulder From British
  • Editor's Desk
  • Fun, Food, Prizes At "On the Air" Dances
  • Russian Sputnik Can't Stump Science Expert
  • You Deserve Praise
  • This Week's Bookniks
  • Mclendon Named Head Of Archeological Club
  • Chemistry Class Tours Savannah Industries
  • Contest Winners Are Announced In Assembly
  • Helen Legette At Emory Univ.
  • Carroll Glenn Exhibits Rare Tone Quality in Recital last Saturday
  • Hugh's Who in Sports
  • Professors Play Host to NAIA Tournament; GTC, Stetson, Rollins, and Mercer Are Set
  • Profs on Warpath For Newberry Injuns' Scalp
  • Panthers Win First Game 78-48
  • Poppell; Chance Top Winners In Paddle Tennis
  • Adam and EVEsdropping
  • WWNS Offers Mat Dances
  • Campus Column
  • Brobston, Newby Present Recital
  • You Can Help Raise Teachers' Standards
  • Attention Science Minded Students

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Georgia Southern University, Student Media


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