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  • G.T.C. Literary magazine Ready Next Week
  • First District Teacher Chosen For Competition
  • G.T.C. Choir Will Present Music In Sandersville
  • 'Atoms for Peace' Exhibit Shows Peace Time Atom
  • Dining-Student Center Will Be Built This Fall
  • Senior Players Are Entertained By Homemakers
  • Jackson to Edit The George-Anne Spring Quarter
  • TV Program Will Be Given By G.T.C. Alumni
  • Old South Ball Tomorrow Night; Costumes Urged
  • Dining Hall Jazz Survey Taken; Results Favorable to Workers
  • Debris or Not Debris
  • Behave Yourselves
  • Science-Progress-Activities
  • 'Don't Rock the Boat'
  • We Move Along
  • Sports
  • Cards, Redwings Win Playoffs Defeat Eagles And Toppers
  • Stetson Defeats Professors 100-79 At Foul Line
  • Vet's Corner
  • Smith's Musical Debut Features Take-Off on Local Personalities
  • Hit Parade
  • Weaver Helps Organize Class
  • Pittman School is Recognized

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Georgia Southern University, Student Media


Georgia Teachers College, Collegeboro, The George-Anne, Newspaper, Student Media, Georgia Southern University, Myrtle Jackson Perkins, Roy F. Powell, Philharmonic Choir, Billy Jackson, WTOC-TV, Old South ball, Larry Hyde, East Cone Cardinals, Stetson Hatters, Bill Weaver


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