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  • Profs Open Tomorrow Night Against Stetson
  • G.T.C. Presented On Television Beginning Dec. 7
  • Old Rivals Meet In 16th Game Of Cage Series
  • Classroom Building Delayed Because of Incomplete Plans
  • S.C. Discusses Possibility Of Improving Store
  • Xmas Packages And Gifts Should Be Mailed Early
  • Biology Class Takes to Field
  • Nursery School Students Learn German Songs
  • First District F.T.A. Meets Here
  • Big Night Ahead...
  • In Memoriam
  • Hyde and Seek
  • Pride in Student Response
  • Inquiring Reporter
  • Masquers' Play Highly Praised
  • Choir, Band to Present Concert December 13
  • Hydes' Peek Show Activity In Masquers' Bullpen Backstage
  • Eagles, Wildcats and Flyers Now Tied For Intramural League lead
  • 'Know How' Is Typical of G.T.C. Sports Faculty
  • The Littlest Professor
  • Professors Raise High Goal In Recording Playing History
  • Coach Scearce Names G.T.C. Varsity Squad
  • Newcomers, Returning Squad Anticipate Successful Season
  • Profs' Schedule
  • Death of Two G.T.C. Students Caused by Fatal Plane Crash
  • Chaperones And Dance Subjects For Committee
  • Tops in Pops
  • Campus Column
  • Little Theatre To Present Play On December 6
  • View of G.T.C. in Year 2000 By 'Ye Olde Time Machine
  • Ger. Club Has Shrimp Supper
  • 'Aid to Hungarians' Drive Goes Off Very Successfully
  • Broucek, Hooley Concert Artists
  • Industrial Arts Club Builds Toy Horses for Stocking Fund
  • Spell's Design To Grace Cover
  • Cast of 'Summer and Smoke Commended for Performance

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Georgia Southern University


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