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  • Parking Committee Chosen
  • Class Elections Name Officers For 1956-57
  • Cast Selected, Dates Set For 'Summer and Smoke'
  • State Student Music Ed. Club Meets in Macon
  • Reflector Staff Is Selected At First Meeting
  • Rec. Program, Matinee Dance on Wed. Night
  • Dance, Movie On Schedule For Weekend
  • Wranglers Play Here Saturday
  • 'Wholesale Flunkout' Should Not Be a Screening Device
  • King Named To Symphony Post
  • Doughnuts Are Sampled Here
  • Theme Set For '56 Starlight Ball
  • T Club Halloween Carnival
  • Equipment for Socials
  • Hyde and Seek
  • Little Smokey Sez:
  • Rat Squeaks
  • Unsigned Letter
  • Vote! Vote!
  • Other States Should Follow In the Footsteps of Georgia
  • Mrs. McCorkle Elected Prexy Of Housemother's Workshop
  • Inquiring Reporter
  • Science Dept. Shows Increase In Enrollment
  • Honor System Necessary To Curb Cheating
  • Keefer Refuses Farm To Become Professor
  • Colleges Face Teacher Need
  • Football Roundup
  • IM Program Gets Underway With Football
  • 'Profs' Begin Practice For 56-57 Cage Season
  • Dasher Wins Football Contest
  • W.R.A.'s Elect 1956-57
  • Vet's Corner
  • Martin Elected President of I.A.
  • Dr. Watson Is Attending meet
  • Campus Column
  • Not-So-Hidden Girls Interviewed By "714"

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Georgia Southern University


Georgia Teachers College, Collegeboro, The George-Anne, Newspaper, Student Media, Georgia Southern University, Masquers, Hurbert Houston, Reflector, Martha Tinker, Diana Bair, Wranglers, Starlight Ball, Dana M. King Jr., Dean of Women, Larry Hyde, Jeanette McCorkle, Lewis Hall, Duke University, Frederick Keefer, Scearce, Dasher, Women's Recreational Association, Buddy Martin, Georgia Watson


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