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  • Hackett Heads Committee To Study Plans And Needs For Student Center
  • Schedule For Reflector Photos Is Announced
  • Philharmonic Choir Reaches New Height with 97 Members
  • Students And Faculty Are On New Committee
  • Election for Upper Classmen To Be Held October 16
  • Ladies Choice! Men Outnumber Women by 38
  • S.C. Members To Take Oath
  • Librarians At S.E.L.A. Meet
  • West Sponsors Informal Dance
  • 42 Seniors Are Student Teaching
  • Say Thanks in Big Way
  • Student Center-Your Chance
  • Hyde and Seek
  • Shriners Descend on Campus in Gay Spirit for Convention
  • A New Plan for Europe?
  • Special Student at Home On Friendly G.T.C. Campus
  • Mrs Hartley Impress At New Home In Cone
  • Inquiring Reporter
  • Hendley Heads '56-57 Activities Of Science Club
  • IM Council Holds Meeting; Unit Captains Are Selected
  • Football Roundup
  • Point System Inaugurated To Determine All-Sport Champion
  • Profs Schedule
  • Yankees Win Last Game For Victory in Series Play
  • Plans Complete For Warehouse
  • Student Center Committee
  • 42 Senior Arc-

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Georgia Southern University


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