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  • State Committee Recommends $1,500,000 Construction Fund
  • Eight-Nine Seniors To Receive Degrees June 6
  • 4-Year Program For Facilities Set by Legislature
  • Members-at-Large are Elected For 1955-1956 Term Student Council
  • General Courses Summer Workship Conducted in Jesup
  • 'Fun Day' Held At Magnolia Springs
  • George-Anne Has Growing Pains
  • Jack Averitt Named Acting Chairman Of Social Science Division Next Year
  • Sale of Dairy Herd Closes Farm Era
  • New Council Invested in Duties
  • If This Be Treason...
  • Letters to the Editor
  • The Moving Finger Writes
  • Time - The Only Element
  • What Is Commencement?
  • The Music Box
  • 'GTC's History' Story of Change
  • The Yalta Controversy
  • Personalities...
  • Campus Column
  • FHA Day
  • On The Sideline...
  • Softball Begins Spring Activities
  • GTC Leading GIC Standings
  • Students Spend Summer As Camp Counselors
  • Spring Fashions
  • Dr. Z. J. Farkas Replys To America's Welcome
  • Westbrook Named En Melodie Prexy
  • "Bear Brutus" Success Closes Masquers' Year
  • The Music Box
  • Egyptian Teacher Visits On Campus
  • Faculty members Deliver Addresses
  • Priestly to Head MEC Next Year
  • Ward Named New 'T' Club President
  • On The Sideline...
  • Sophs and Juniors In Softball Finals
  • Professors Ranked High in Basketball
  • Strickland Wins Men's Net Singles
  • Varsity Letters Are Awarded Profs
  • Three Professors Win Two Letters
  • Professors Close Practice Session
  • Wallace To Succeed Dr. Leland L. Wilson
  • 89 Students Will Receive Degrees
  • Faculty News Briefs
  • German Student Expresses Views In Letter to Editor

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Georgia Southern University


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