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  • Elementary Ed. Leads GTC List With 116 Students
  • Readers Chosen For Masquers' Fall Production
  • BSU Convention Meets October 29
  • 'Frosh' Election Rule Announced
  • Survey Shows GTC 'Friendly'
  • Caplenor Passes, Receives Ph. D.
  • Annual Pictures Schedule Set
  • Girls Outnumber Boys On Campus
  • German Student Enrolls at GTC
  • Rat Squaks
  • Round And Round
  • Thats The Way It Is
  • Kids In Line?
  • Believe...
  • On The Sideline...
  • Late Thoughts
  • 'Moles,' Stumps Change Campus
  • Cone Hall Host To Weekly Dance
  • On The Clothesline
  • GTC Masquers Present Playlet At Gea Meeting
  • McAfee Elected Phi Mu 'Prexy'
  • Blue Tide to Sell Hot Coffee
  • Women's Games Begin Season For Intramural
  • Faculty Begins Coffee Hours
  • Students Hold Variety of Jobs
  • Stephens Named 'Veep' of FTA
  • Gnann named Science 'Prexy'
  • Officers named For 'T' Club

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Georgia Southern University


Georgia Teachers College, Collegeboro, The George-Anne, Newspaper, Student Media, Elementary Education, Carlton Humphrey, Charles Donald Caplenor, BSU, Scearce, Cone Hall, GEA, Phi Mu Alpha, Kirbylene Stephens


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