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  • Art Club to Present Eighth Beauty Review
  • Teachers Post 5-2 Cage Record
  • 26 Seniors Appear On Dean's List For Fall Quarter
  • Resolutions For The New Year
  • Artist Groups To Appear At T.C. This Quarter
  • Professors Place Second In Annual Gator Bowl Tilt
  • Five TC Students Participate In Service Program
  • New Teachers Begin at Lab Hi
  • The Phanton Has Struck...Out
  • Here Is What Befell On That Drastic Night
  • Mary Peagler Is Personality
  • Public Opinion Poll
  • The Pillars That Have Vanished
  • A New Angle On The Chow Line
  • The Editor Speaks
  • Gator Bowl Tilt
  • T.C. Dominates All-Tournament Gator Bowl Team
  • A Typical Scene
  • Cone Hall Occupied By Juniors and Seniors

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Georgia Southern University, Student Media


Georgia Teachers College, Collegeboro, The George-Anne, Newspaper, Student Media, Gator Bowl Basketball, Community Concert, Beauty Review, Alpha Rho Tau, GTC, FTA. Laboratory High School, Mary Lula Peagler, Anderson Hall, Chester Webb, Horace Belflower, Cone Hall


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