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  • 44 Seniors To Student Teach This Quarter
  • Elementary Education Group Is Organized
  • 78 Students Named On Winter Dean's List
  • TC Alumni Plan East Entrance
  • Miss Lois Johnson Named May Queen
  • Sigma Xi Honors R.G. Sherrill
  • Spring Retreat At Bessie Tift College
  • College Is Host To School Athletes
  • Joe Neverla Back With George-Anne
  • Library to Make Improvements
  • TC Professors Pummel Erskine Nine In Double Diamond Fracas - 11-0; 7-3
  • Workers Study
  • Talent Show Date Is Thurs., April 10
  • Letter to the Editor
  • 32 New Students For Spring Term
  • Thoughts
  • BSU to Present Testimonials
  • Sonnet
  • Here's The Latest
  • Youth To Go 'On Trial' Here During Hi-Y And Tri-Hi-Y Meeting April 21-23
  • Masquers Club Be Open for Pledges
  • The Eds have It
  • College Short On Red Cross Quota
  • Austrian Teacher Coming to TC
  • Blind Girl at TC On Dean's List

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Georgia Southern University


Georgia Teachers College, Collegeboro, The George-Anne, Newspaper, Student Media, Winter Dean's List, GTC Alumni Association, Association for Childhood Educational International, Lois Johnson, Joseph Neverla, Bessie Tift College, Sigma Xi, Talent Show, Claxton Baptist Church, May Day Festival, YMCA, Red Cross, Faye Henry


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