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Anna Treadway, Miss Georgia Southern University, drugs, Crime Suppression Unit, Statesboro Police Department, campus safety, guns, gang activity, Lee Berger, Australopithecus sediba, “pales to comparison”, Police Beat, William Taylor, assailant, Student Government Association, student fees, RAC fees, environmental standards, lights, Sesame Street, meal plans, PBS, Humane Society, HSSBC, “February is Fix Your Feline Month”, feline, spay, neuter, First Year Experience, “How I Met My Major”, National Organization for Women, Vagina Monologues, V-Day, Colleen Maddy, “Power”, student director, La’ Berry, yogurt, preseason player of the year, Megen Smith, Spring Hill Suites, Eagle Classic Softball tournament, Mercer Bears, CRI Job Fair, Student Employment Center, swim lessons, Meredyth Frye, Southern Conference Player of the Week, Georgia Southern basketball, Georgia Southern baseball, George Washington University, Southern Conference, Eagle Expo and Education Career Fair, Bill Rancic, Career Services, Apprentice, Life After College, Career Week, FOCUS assessment, career adviser, Mock Interview Day, interview skills


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