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Communication Arts, Veazey Hall, Nathan Deal, HOPE Scholarship, Josh Adams. Georgia Southern baseball, rumor, University Police Department, Behavior Assessment Team, traffic citations, University Police Department, space, shuttle program, NASA, School of Nursing, nursing shortage, Heath Resources and Services Administration, HRSA, Doctor of Nursing Practice, Eagle Dining, meal plans, Sexual Awareness Week, “Take Back the Night”, Sexual Assault Response Team, sexual violence, “End Sexual Violence”, Clothesline Project, Japanese hibachi, Lakeside hibachi, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Eddie Ivie Scholarship, study abroad, Ireland, Musical Variety Concert, Cathie Ryan, Patsy O’Brien, Matt Mancuso, Georgia Southern baseball, Georgia Tech, Southern Conference Championship, Georgia Southern track team, NCAA sport, National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research, college cheerleading, National Cheerleader Association, Shawn Payne, Kansas City Royals, Celtic music


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