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Georgia Southern University


Student Government Association, SGA, auto theft, Demetrious Keuane Patterson, George Cornell Truell, Marq Jaudon Grant, Police Beat, Corey Alphonso Smith, Stephen Antwon Johnson, financial transaction card theft, card fraud, SGA president, SGA executive vice president, SGA election, EA Sports NCAA Football, green fee, SAGE, “Gang of Six”, bipartisan plan, federal budget plan, commencement ceremony, President Obama, Operation Street Hustler, drugs, arrest warrants, gas prices, Women’s History Month, Women’s and Gender Studies Program, women’s historians, “Women’s History, Women’s Historians”, Michelle Haberland, Sandra Peacock, Laura Shelton, Anastasia Sims, Cathy Skidmore-Hess, Student Media, Dress in the Press Fashion Show, Chronicle of Higher Education, class attendance, University Police Department, women’s self-defense class, Symphony concert, Maestro Adrian Gnam, Cracker Barrel, Unplugged, coffeehouse series, Eagle Entertainment, open mic night, spring break plans, Matthijis Verdam, international student athlete, Eagle tennis team, Georgia Southern softball, Hannah Ennis, family history, Mercer, Shelby Morrill, rain, Georgia Southern baseball, Florida Gators


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