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National Cheerleaders Association, All-Girl Cheerleading team, John Riggs, Police Beat, FYE requirements, First Year Experience, “Global Citizens”, “Global Engagement”, “Institutional Options”, global affairs, SGA election, President Obama, presidential election, Donald Trump, George-Anne birthday, George-Anne, “No Impact Week”, “Eco-Sabbath Day”, Omega Phi Alpha, date auction fundraiser, Relay for Life, iPad, Apple iPad 2, Career Carnival, Career Services, LinkedIn, job networking, career planning timeline, graduation, FOCUS assessment, graduation celebration, IPod Touch, GSU Idol, Lauren-Ashley Redmond, Russel Brand, “Arthur”, Evening of the Arts, Southern Sendfest, Strongman Competition, Open Golf Scramble, Jon Robinson, Andrew Prosser, Georgia Southern University football, scrimmage game, recruits


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