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  • 98 to Graduate This Year
  • George-Anne is Awarded Second Place in Contest
  • T.C. on Parade
  • As Others Tell Us
  • Commencement Speaker
  • How Physics Class Finds Practical Use Of Energy
  • Queen and Court at Teachers College
  • To Preach Sermon
  • Sports
  • May I Interview?
  • Among The Clubs
  • "MAD"
  • Examination Schedule Spring Quarter

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Georgia Southern University, Student Media


South Georgia Teachers College, Georgia Southern University, The George Anne, Student Media, Newspaper, Honors Day, J. E. Carruth, Physical Education, Music, Samuel Senter, Wesley Monumental Church, Pittman-Booth, Marvin S. Pittman, H. H. London, WTOC, Sanford Hall, Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, Artley Company, Pittman, Caro Lane, Bessie Tift College, Student Council, Dorris Stephenson, Louise McGilvrey, YMCA, YWCA, Gilliam, Edward Cody, Elizabeth Watkins, Woman's Athletic Association, Georgia Collegiate Press Association, Samuel Senter, George Carter, Ruth Bolton, Hester Newton, American Association of University Women, Health and Physical Education Division, Dux Domina, Iota Pi Nu


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