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University Store, buy-back policies, GSU Museum, Erk Russell, Elton John, Elton John AIDS Foundation, Statesboro Post Office, “GSU Raptor”, Vald Svekis, Liberties book store, Georgia Lottery, GSU water fountain, Welcome Center, public safety building, Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Tools for Life Center, hurricane relief money, hurricane Andrew, Interfraternity Council, Bulloch County Red Cross, Ranger Challenge, Habitat for Humanity spirit chain fundraiser, Robert Lefavi, National Bodybuilding Championship, Toy Williams, Jacob Barter, “Pursue the Dream”, Mike Mesmer-Eyes, Talk Radio, Eric Begosian, “the last neighborhood”, Mike Bailey Talk Show, African-Americans, Africa, school spirit, Republicans, Georgia Southern University football team, Trojans, Troy State, football games, Heather Gordon, two-sport athlete, Georgia Southern University swim team, Florida State, Lady Eagle basketball team, Russian women’s basketball team


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