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Georgia Southern University, Student Media


Patrick Harrison, David Spran, SGA run-off election, Student Government Association, 1996 Olympic Games, Atlanta Stadium, Atlanta Braves, Eleanor Clift, Southern Center Assembly Hall, Alexi Indris-Santana, Hogue, Princeton University, PAWS, waterfowl, Legislators, Spokane County, drunk driving, DUI, Ruta Grineviciute, Respublika, Lithuanian newspaper, American mass media, Williams Center, student debate, Bill Clinton, George Bush, Halloween season, Lisa Sheppard, Tisby house, ghost stories, Visitation Day, mating ritual, Republican myths, Waffle House Bill, pet shops, animal shelter, PAWS, Intensive English, Southern Center for Continuing Education, illustrations, Scott Hull, Don Vanderbeck, Southerners, Northerners, Savannah College of Art Design, SCAD Lady Bees, Georgia Southern volleyball team, school spirit, Georgia Southern cross country team, Southern Conference Championship, Braves fans, Toronto Blue Jays, Georgia Southern University football, Blue Raiders, MTSU, NCAA Division I-AA playoffs


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