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Georgia Southern University, Student Media


Criminal incidents, arrests, crime rate, off-campus parties, housing, single-family house, oil paintings, “Self Portrait”, Seven University of Minnesota, Board of Regents meeting, military training programs, military protest, Vice President of Auxiliary Affairs, Student Government Association, Georgia Southern University football, “Hairy Dawg”, Shellie Folston, bootlegging, Statesboro Police Department, Trenton State College, college newspapers, The Signal, Health Center, flu vaccinations, Police Beat, breast cancer, Y-Drive, shuttle service, Chris Ward, Eddie Womack, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Lexis/Nexis, computer service, Reflections from the Edge, Chris Ingram, College Republicans, Dan Quayle, family values, D.J. Smith, presidential election, election column, George Bush, Mark Brunetz, aerobics, heavy meals, CLEC, Coming of Age, Lori Hewett, coffeehouses, University of Georgia football team, Georgia party school, Anhueser-Busch, Miller Brewing Company, Adolph Coors Company, Charles Bostick


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