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Academic restructuring, College of Technology, College of Arts and Sciences, Tybee Railroad, nature trails, 1996 Summer Olympics, crime technology, Taylor Fargason, geese, waterfowl, Supreme Court, Georgia prisons, Georgia Power, Mock presidential election, University Store, electric utility industry, energy bill, nuclear power plants, Mike Darke, housing law, Orion Harrison, GSU librarian, Henderson Library, comic book collection, Sotheby’s auction house, Dan Quayle, family values, Stephanie Coontz, “The Way We Never Were”, 1992 homecoming concert, Union Productions, Mike Mesmer, Georgia Bulldogs, Coach Stowers, media coverage, 1992 election, George Bush, Bill Clinton, Steve Hein, Bird Sanctuary, wildlife artist, Braxtons, Andrea Smith, Silky Caruthers, Unforgiven, Clint Eastwood, J. California Cooper, Family, Athens, Division I-AA, Division I-A, Ray Goff, hero, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Tim Stowers, University of South Carolina, Lady Netters, Athens football party, Lady Kickers, Georgia Southern University Ladies soccer team, USC-Columbia


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