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  • Work Started On New Science Hall
  • Dramatic Club Sponsors Play
  • College to Assume Own Debt to PWA
  • Music Program Highly Enjoyed
  • Stephens Society Wins Term Debate
  • King's Male Quarter Sings Here March 20
  • Results Recent Newspaper Survey
  • Little George-Anne Popular on Campus
  • Book Reviews
  • Sports
  • Tide Faces Three New Foes in 1934
  • Twenty-Five Men out for Baseball
  • Boxers Split Even With G.M.C. Fighters
  • Among the Editors
  • "What's in A Name"
  • Physical Ed For Spring Announced
  • Survey Shows Co-Eds Read More Than Men
  • On Other Campuses

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Georgia Southern University, Student Media


South Georgia Teachers College, Georgia Southern University, The George-Anne, Student Media, Newspaper, Stephens Literary Society, Oglethorpe Society, Dramatic Club, King Male Quartet, Savannah Morning News, Stephens Literary Society, University of Tampa, Parley Voo, Boston University


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