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Practical Applications of Infrared Imagery for Investigating Submarine Groundwater Discharge and Other Thermal Anomalies in Coastal Zones

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Airborne thermal infrared remote sensing is a highly effective tool for mapping locations, surface distributions, and mixing characteristics of terrestrial groundwater discharge to the coastal ocean where even subtle temperature differences exist between the receiving waters and the discharging water. The spatially and temporally variable nature of submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) and its mixing with seawater necessitates rapid, high-resolution data acquisition techniques, of which airborne thermal infrared remote sensing is uniquely qualified. We have used thermal infrared images acquired at 762 m – 2743 m altitude to generate 0.5 m – 3.2 m resolution sea-surface temperature maps with


American Geophysical Union Chapman Conference on Remote Sensing of the Terrestrial Water Cycle (AGU)


Kona, HI