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Estimating Canopy Water Storage Capacity by Cupressus Arizonica in Dryland Plantation

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Canopy storage capacity (S) is the amount of water the canopy can hold while saturated. S is a key parameter of rainfall interception and other eco-hydrological processes. From 30 January 2011 to 30 January 2012, we measured the S of individual trees of Cupressus arizonica planted in the Chitgar Forest Park, Tehran, north of Iran. Cupressus arizonica is popular species for plantations in arid and semiarid zone of Iran. Several direct and indirect methods have been used to estimate S. Therefore, S was estimated by common indirect methods: Gash and Morton (1978) method. For C. arizonica S was estimated to be 0.52 mm. To accurately study processes controlling rainfall interception (I), an accurate estimate of S is necessary. Indirect methods are relatively inexpensive and require no complex instruments; however, a long period of measurements is needed.


International Conference on Environmental Challenges & Dendrochronology


Tehran, Iran