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This work was co-authored by Georgia Southern Faculty member Dr. John T. Van Stan II.

Here, we visit a community of trees living along the Georgia coast, just above the high tide line, on a little lump of sand called a "hammock." This hammock plant community is battered by a hurricane. The plants that survive soon realize that they have fallen prey to a hydrological torture wrack - one composed of the salty corpses of their neighboring marsh plants (Spartina alterniflora). This sci comic is based on the publication, "Wrack and ruin: Legacy hydrologic effects of hurricane-deposited wrack..." (

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© 2020 John T. Van Stan, II and Jan Friesen. This graphic novella was first published on ResearchGate, and it was uploaded as a supplementary file with the permission of the author(s).

Wrack & Ruin: A Tale of Tortured Trees
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