The current paper examines the system of higher education in Greece. This discussion incorporates details that describe a brief history of the system’s overall formation, an environmental snapshot of the country’s current demographics and economic situation as well as similar information for their overall higher education system. Also, details regarding how the Greek system of higher education is structured (for both the university and technological sectors) and situated within the country’s larger governmental system are considered. Next, the paper considers challenges that are currently being faced by the country and how they may impact their higher education structure and the policies and activities are in place that may have an impact (positive or negative) on their place within, not only their own borders, but within the broader international and global markets. Finally, potential implications that could be a product of the current choices and the environment in Greek’s system of higher education are offered and conclusions are drawn about the ramifications of the economical and educational choices of Greece and how these could influence their position (should they choose to have one) in the growing trend towards an increasingly international and globalized knowledge-economy.

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