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Kennesaw State University’s comprehensive, nine-credit-hour, methods course integrates general and mathematics-specific pedagogical training with a structured four-week field experience prior to student teaching. This course blends essential units on conceptual understanding of mathematics, lesson planning, assessment, classroom management, and diversity with mathematics-specific methods. All topics are aligned with National Council of Teachers of Mathematics standards and Georgia Performance Standards. Throughout the course, students complete a variety of assignments that require them to practice the skills highlighted in class readings and discussions, and they adapt and generalize those skills during their field experiences. Students have numerous opportunities in class and in the field to implement and to reflect upon pedagogical and assessment strategies and to receive feedback from course instructors, from other students, and from collaborating teachers. This intense course has many benefits and challenges for both the instructors and the students, but it is one of the most highly anticipated courses of secondary mathematics education majors at Kennesaw State University. With strong support of department administrators and the entire mathematics education faculty, this methods class has been quite successful in preparing the seniors for their student teaching experiences.

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