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Technology is changing the way in which mathematics and science are taught, and this radical transformation in teaching is causing teachers to take a closer look at how lessons are designed. In an effort to demonstrate how to design instructional modules using technology, this paper will include the following: 1)A review of the National Educational Technology Standards for teachers to establish a framework for the development of the teaching modules; 2)instructional designs and techniques with special emphasis on multiple intelligence and critical thinking skills; 3) strategies and techniques for infusing technology into a standard based curriculum; and 4) an analysis of the evaluative data completed by pre-service teachers to determine the effectiveness of the modules. Middle and elementary pre-service teachers at a historically Black university are required to take a course, Integrated Methods of Teaching Science and Mathematics and the previously mentioned instructional modules were used in this course. The learning modules provided the pre-service teachers with technology enhanced experiences that were aligned with the national science and mathematics standards.

Pre-service teachers were asked to complete five modules which included both formative and summative assessments. They were also asked to complete a survey to obtain their perceptions of the teaching strategies, their performance, the use of tools and assistance, and comfort with using the computer. The only statistically significant correlation (p

During the exit interview for the course, five of the pre-service teachers indicated that they liked the web-enhanced course and that it was good for their personal schedules; however, all the students had a concern about the required assignments and the amount of time required to complete them. All but one of the students indicated that they would take another web-enhanced course. Teaching modules that incorporate the use of technology are an excellent way to meet the learning needs of a diverse population

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