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Panel (1 hour and 15 minutes presentation total for two or more presenters)

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Higher Education


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Presentation Description

Frequently, librarians take on the role of being the sole Information Literacy (IL) champions promoting IL on their campus. However, there are occasions when a more nuanced approach to developing IL collaborations with non-library faculty may yield better results. The presenters will share the findings from a study of 20 in-depth interviews conducted with non-library faculty at two large, urban college campuses. This research utilizes a phenomenological interpretive method to analyze non-library faculty perceptions of Information Literacy; how these conceptions color their assessment of student work, and how these ideas and practices are informed by disciplinary background. This presentation will provide attendees with a picture of how a small sample of non-library faculty perceive IL and provide them with the tools necessary for more successful campus collaborations.


Information literacy, College faculty, University faculty, Librarians, Information literacy collaboration

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Presentation (Open Access)


Aug 23rd, 8:30 AM Aug 23rd, 9:45 AM

Lost in Translation: How Non-library Faculty Members' Perceptions of Information Literacy Shapes Information Literacy Collaboration & Practice

Scarbrough 4

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