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Information Literacy Skills Outside the Classroom: Student Reflections


Scarbrough 3

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This presentation will present the findings of a content analysis of student reflection papers in a credit-bearing information literacy course. Research was conducted over the course of a single academic year and investigated how students had changed how they search, evaluate, and use information outside of class. The findings of this study revealed an increase in the use of databases and evaluation techniques, improved search strategies, and library research skills.The documents also reflected, however, increased levels of self- assurance in students’ abilities to find quality sources—so much that a few students indicated they were confident enough in their knowledge of information literacy and related topics to teach these research skills to others.


Student reflection papers, Information literacy, Credit-bearing courses, Database use and evaluation, Search strategies, Library research

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Information Literacy Skills Outside the Classroom: Student Reflections

Scarbrough 3

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