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"Me" Learning: A Constructivist Approach to Web Evaluation



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Workshop (1 hour and 15 minutes)

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Higher Education


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McConnell Librarians have developed an exercise for one-shot Web evaluation sessions that is based on the constructivism theory and emphasizes self-learning. Workshop participants will actively take part in this exercise to gain first-hand knowledge of how this novel approach successfully overcomes the deficiencies of the old school method of providing a checklist of criteria for web evaluation. Participants will develop alternate technique/versions of employing the exercise based on results of the web evaluation assessment.


One-shot library instruction, Web evaluation, Source evaluation, Constructivism theory, Self-learning

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Presentation (Open Access)


Aug 23rd, 8:30 AM Aug 23rd, 9:45 AM

"Me" Learning: A Constructivist Approach to Web Evaluation


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