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Workshop (1 hour and 15 minutes)

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Higher Education


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Are you still assessing your information literacy sessions with multiple choice quizzes and attitudinal surveys? Are you finding that these approaches lack concrete evidence of student learning? If so, this workshop is for you! Discover an efficient approach to gathering and analyzing direct evidence of student learning using “quick writes.” The instructor will show how creating brief “quick writes” and the use of scoring rubrics are used for gathering authentic assessment for direct evidence of student learning. Discussion and exercises will enable participants in small groups to create quick write exercises and scoring rubrics for implementation at their home campuses.


"Quick write", Learning assessment, ACRL standards, Learning outcomes, Indirect assessment, Direct assessment

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Presentation (Open Access)

Mondschein, Henri - Dept. IL Scores Worksheet.pdf (61 kB)
Undergraduate Information Literacy Student Learning Outcomes

Mondschein, Henri - Quick Write Activity.pdf (62 kB)
Quick Write Planning Activity

Mondschein, Henri - Quick Write Grading Rubric.pdf (186 kB)
Quick Write Grading Rubric

Mondschein, Henri - Social Science Outcomes.pdf (71 kB)
Social Science Instruction: Information Literacy Student Learning Outcomes


Aug 23rd, 2:45 PM Aug 23rd, 4:00 PM

Quick Writes to the Rescue! Assessing Student Learning through Direct Evidence


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