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See a Librarian who effectively collaborated with a Composition Instructor to first learn each other’s disciplinary language, second combine and organize two courses content, and third create a classroom of information literate critical thinkers who could write. Learn how these two faculty crossed departmental lines and team-taught a three-credit hour ENGL 1101 and two-credit hour Information Literacy course as part of an Academic Learning Community (ALC) that included purposefully ensuring ACRL IL Standards were specifically addressed. Do take these tips back to your own institutions to start a scheme for effective collaborations.


Information literacy, First-year experience, College freshman, Academic Learning Community, ALC, ACRL standards, Armstrong Atlantic State University

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Sep 21st, 4:15 PM Sep 21st, 5:30 PM

"Need, Find, Assess, Use" Translating IL Standards into Higher Education Curricula

Room 2011

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